Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anti free market group ASH outraged over best workplace nomination of tobacco company

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and Te Reo Marama are calling for the immediate withdrawal of tobacco company, British American Tobacco (BAT) as a finalist for the JRA Best Workplaces Awards....“One out of two BAT customers dies from smoking. Working for them is being a merchant of death, and trying to polish that with awards for being a great workplace is a pathetic attempt to mask this reality from their employees,” said Mr Youdan.

I have a question Mr Youdan, 7 out of 10 establishments forced to conform to behavioral control legislation (smoking bans) your group is paid to lobby; lose significant customers and eventually layoff employees. What happens to the health of those unemployed hospitality workers and our economy?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Smoking is back in NYC clubs

Mayor Bloomberg's 2003 law was meant to effectively eliminate all smoking inside bars, and for a while it seemed to work...By 2006, indoor smoking seemed to slowly reappear, starting with a handful of tiny little joints popular with A-list crowds and quickly spreading to just about any and every lounge and club with a doorman and a rope. Now, as soon as one person lights up, the rest of the smoking sheep follow along, and before can say Joe Camel, the whole room is filled with sweet Carolina smoke.

More from the article found here.

Smoking bans obviously don't work, there are now more smokers in the U.S. than before the bans. The lasting legacy of smoke free laws by special interests like J & J / RWJF who profited from them, will be that they caused the closure of tens of thousands of hospitality establishments; eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs, with NO benefit of decreasing smoking rates. It's no wonder that more and more establishments are opting to ignore the behavioral control legislation.

Chicago bars are also ignoring smoking ban due to revenue losses.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ohio groups finds massive fraud and alleges illegal activity involved in enacting statewide smoking ban

Opponents of Ohio's indoor-smoking ban said yesterday that they have uncovered evidence of "massive" voter fraud on the part of ban proponents..

The group, Opponents of Ohio Bans, said the petition that placed the smoking ban on the 2006 statewide ballot was tainted by numerous irregularities, such as 47 felons gathering signatures and signature-gatherers in 77 counties wrongly listing the American Cancer Society as their employer....That is not allowed under state law.

The new allegations mirror claims raised during the 2006 campaign. However, opponents of the ban say there's now even stronger evidence of wrongdoing.

"What we found is astonishing," said Pam Parker, co-owner of Parker's Tavern in Grove City and co-chairwoman of Opponents of Ohio Bans. "There are petitions that never should have been validated."

They are also threatening a class action lawsuit for the hundreds of bars they claim went out of business because of the ban.

"We're losing money in our businesses because this never should have gone to a vote and it went to a vote anyway. Winter's coming and we're not going to have the few customers we do have, because they aren't going to go outside and smoke," said Pam Parker from Parker's Tavern in Grove City.....who spoke yesterday at a news conference with Pat Carroll, president of the Buckeye State Liquor Permit Holders Association.

More online here.

Ohio's experience with business closings and job losses due to smoking ban is not unique. Around the globe tens of thousands of establishments have closed due to unnecessary rent seeking, government over-regulation......eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Though governments have banned smoking and increased tobacco taxes the number of smokers has increased

Even though special interest organizations, like Nicoderm & Nicorette manufacturer Johnson & Johnson Company's Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), have spent hundreds of millions of dollars funding intermediaries like American Lung Association etc. to lobby for smoking bans and increased taxes.....the total number of smokers has actually increased.

The lasting legacy of smoke free laws by special interests like J & J / RWJF who profited from them, will be that they caused the closure of tens of thousands of hospitality establishments; eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs, with NO benefit of decreasing smoking rates.

Update: Greek officials re-evaluate smoking ban amid reports of
"significant decrease in business," an association of about 16,000 owners said.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

U.S. House Democrats pass govt healthcare takeover. RWJF's role should not be overlooked

House Democrats passed the most wasteful, disastrous, soon to be greatest contributing downfall to the American dream ever.....Obama-care.

Though the majority of Americans are opposed to government take-over of healthcare, Democrats threw caution to the wind, in what will be for most, their last year in congress.

And to bring the story full circle in regards to CTA, RWJF played a prominent role in "educating" lawmakers about the bogus need for socialized medicine (J & J). Much the same way as RWJF lobbied lawmakers for the false need for smoking bans.....in order to increase alternative nicotine product demand for RWJF's partner J & J Co. drugs (such as Nicoderm)....a practice better known as rent seeking legislation.

Update: Another non-profit, the American Lung Association, which was paid $99 million to sell alternative nicotine drugs (lobby in favor of smoking bans) by J & J Company's partner, RWJF; chimes in to lobby for socialized healthcare.

Unlike smoking bans however, government healthcare takeover provides a very real political benefit to Democrat lawmakers.....after gaining control of 1/6th of the U.S. economy, they will no doubt push for unionization of the entire industry....voila massive new Democrat voter block. And now firmly in control of every American life, cradle to grave, Americans will become dependent upon this new government welfare system......voila massive new Democrat voter block.
The very real danger of course becomes an all controlling, one party, government tyranny which may never be over-thrown without violent revolution.

Observation: Democrats are cutting Medicare to pass Obamacare which will insure 10% Americans. Why not insure those 10% uninsured with Medicare and kill government reform which will destroy private healthcare for the other 90% of Americans.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Courtroom showdown at the may not be OK, South Dakota smoking ban saga, corral

The 2009 SD legislature enacted another* smoking ban, which was challenged by local residents and business owners. Having garnered enough signatures to put the newly proposed law to a November ballot vote....the new law was successfully delayed.

Until Secretary of State Nelson arbitrarily disqualified some of the signatures, making the statewide smoking ban effective immediately.......

But hold on to your bootstraps partner, a court appeal reversed Nelson's ruling until the proposed new law had it's day in court slated for Nov 12, 2009 to get to the bottom of this Nicoderm funded soap opera.

More detail can be found here:

*I stated earlier "another smoking ban", because South Dakota already has a smoking ban in place, information on that can be found here:


Meanwhile Nicoderm, Nicotrol, Nicorette beneficiary RWJF is no doubt making a mad dash the the South Dakota border, probably thru one of their intermediaries, with a wheelbarrow full of cash.....er I guess they call them "grants"

Update 11/14/09: Smoking ban opponents victorious in court decision, statewide smoking ban delayed until South Dakota voters decide Nov. 2010.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Smoking ban benefactor J & J suffers revenue losses, plans deep job cuts

From NYT comes this story:

In what had already been a year of drastic job cuts in the drug industry, the health care giant
Johnson & Johnson said Tuesday that it would eliminate 6 to 7 percent of its worldwide work force — about 7,000 to 8,200 jobs — as part of a corporate revamping.

CTA has little sympathy for J & J whose partner Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) funds smoking ban lobbyists to help boost alternative pharmaceutical nicotine products that J & J manufactures.

J & J, thru RWJF, has had an even larger negative effect on jobs around the world by promoting smoking ban legislation on private properties. Legislation which has eliminated hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The lesson here should be: Rent seeking companies reap what the sow.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Former Virginia Gov Tim Kaine chastises Republican candidate Bob McDonnell for not embracing government policy that eliminates jobs

From AP comes this story:

Gov. Tim Kaine, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, questioned the character of Republican Bob McDonnell, who has a strong lead in the polls. Kaine is barred by Virginia's Constitution from seeking re- election.

He (Kaine) cited McDonnell's opposition to the state's restaurant smoking ban, due to take effect Dec. 1.......as reason not to elect pro-business, pro-jobs candidate Bob McDonnell?

Anti-business lawmaker Tim Kaine, seems to have conveniently ignored
the fact that smoking bans all around the globe have eliminated tens of thousands of hospitality establishments and hundreds of thousands of jobs. Then again, complete control over constituents' lives and intrusive over-regulation of business seems to be a hallmark of the Democrat party these days......It appears that citizens of Virginia have had enough of both.

Update: Republican Bob McDonnell wins as Governor of Virginia, and Republican Chris Christie won as Governor of New Jersey.

It appears as though Americans have finally understood what Obama and liberals meant by hope and change, and clearly have decided massive government tax and spend, government over-regulation, and government takeover of private free market system is not the change we need.

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