Thursday, November 19, 2009

Smoking is back in NYC clubs

Mayor Bloomberg's 2003 law was meant to effectively eliminate all smoking inside bars, and for a while it seemed to work...By 2006, indoor smoking seemed to slowly reappear, starting with a handful of tiny little joints popular with A-list crowds and quickly spreading to just about any and every lounge and club with a doorman and a rope. Now, as soon as one person lights up, the rest of the smoking sheep follow along, and before can say Joe Camel, the whole room is filled with sweet Carolina smoke.

More from the article found here.

Smoking bans obviously don't work, there are now more smokers in the U.S. than before the bans. The lasting legacy of smoke free laws by special interests like J & J / RWJF who profited from them, will be that they caused the closure of tens of thousands of hospitality establishments; eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs, with NO benefit of decreasing smoking rates. It's no wonder that more and more establishments are opting to ignore the behavioral control legislation.

Chicago bars are also ignoring smoking ban due to revenue losses.

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