Thursday, October 12, 2006

How the drug industry uses non-profits to push its interests

Surrogates for Their Agenda
How the drug industry uses non-profits to push its interests

The article states:

...the pharmaceutical industry has mounted a sophisticated grassroots campaign to build support for its position on key issues that affect its bottom line. The industry has funded various groups to champion its positions, sponsored studies tilted to the industry and hired public relations firms to spearhead campaigns to soften up public opinion and government policies....
I've linked to this story in prior posts but I think it is important to make this story a post of its own. If you click on the title above you can read the entire story. And true enough it is a story that needs to be told, but at Clearing the Air the real story that The Center for Public Integrity is missing is HOW THE DRUG INDUSTRY USES NON-PROFITS TO PUSH ITS SMOKING BAN AGENDA....TO PROP UP PHARMACEUTICAL NICOTINE (smoking cessation) PRODUCT SALES.

Smoking-cessation category (US) sales*Information Resources Inc. (IRI) 52 weeks ended Oct. 2, 2005 (not including Wal-Mart data) Total smoking-cessation category in FDMX* ($494.8 million)

Here are a sample of grants directly from Johnson & Johnson Company's political arm, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), (see links above for Nicoderm rationale to implement smoking bans) so you can see the type of non-profits that the drug industry funds; and the activist goals and agenda:

And when Clearing the Air informs lawmakers and you the general public, that the health "hazard" claims these activists' are making reqarding secondhand smoke are nothing more than exaggerations and lies; here are the facts and science we base that claim on:

text in red= supporting data hyperlink

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