Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Stanton Glantz's $400,000 funding from Nicoderm manufacturer Johnson & Johnson's private foundation RWJF

Stanton Glantz has been the recipient of massive amounts of money from Nicoderm maker Johnson & Johnson Company's partner RWJF......gee I wonder why Glantz is pro-smoking ban?

Active Grants
Tobacco Use & Exposure

Educational campaign for restaurant owners on smoke-free restaurants

Grant Detail:

$399,000, (awarded on Aug 11, 2005, starting Aug 15, 2005 ending Aug 14, 2007) ID# 052810

University of California, San Francisco,
School of Medicine513 Parnassus Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94143-0410
(415) 476-9000

Efforts to adopt clean indoor air ordinances in states and communities are often derailed or substantially weakened by tobacco industry lobbying and media campaigns. The tobacco industry and its allies engage in disinformation strategies targeted to restaurant owners and associations about the effect of smoke-free policies on business. Lack of support among restaurateurs for strong smoke-free policies can present major barriers to their adoption at the state and/or local level. This grant provides renewal support for the continuation of the TobaccoScam restaurant educational campaign for two years. Funds will support the placement of 32 high-quality print advertisements in major restaurant trade publications. The renewal also funds targeted outreach to media and opinion leaders, with particular emphasis on restaurant industry leaders, and an enhanced Web site to promote smoke-free workplaces within the hospitality industry as the wave of the future, reframing the discussion from one of something to fear to something to emulate.

Contact Information:
Stanton A. Glantz Ph.D.
(Project Director)glantz@medicine.ucsf.edu
Phone: (415) 476-3893

Meanwhile, the facts are that smoking bans destroy businesses and jobs in the hospitality industry at an alarming rate, despite the fact that Nicoderm, Nicotrol, Nicorette interests above, such as RWJF and its grantees, attempted to spin the message that smoking bans "are good for business."




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