Friday, September 02, 2011

Clearing the Air calls Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's bluff: If RWJF's mission is to help people, then provide grants to those harmed by RWJF policy

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) claims to provide financial grants to non-governmental agencies in order to affect government policies that would help people and communities. The facts however, point to a foundation that funds policies which only serve to benefit RWJF and Johnson & Johnson companies bottom line profits (RWJF was founded by J & J founder Robert Wood Johnson and RWJF is still one of the largest shareholders of J & J stock). RWJF funds smoking ban lobbyists because parent company J & J manufactures alternative nicotine products such as Nicoderm. RWJF funds anti-obesity lobbyists because parent company J & J manufactures alternative sugar and surgical gastric bypass products such as Splenda and the Realize gastric band.

If however, RWJF were truly concerned about the health and welfare of people they would start by providing compensation to individuals whose livelihoods were destroyed by their (RWJF) self-serving policies.

RWJF policies increased unemployment and home foreclosures across the globe.

Absent the rightly deserved recompense to individuals destroyed by Robert Wood Johnson Foundations political activities, their hollow claims of helping individuals are just that........hollow claims.

Update: During the Monday 9/12/11 GOP debate, candidate Michele Bachmann chastised Gov. Perry for implementing the HPV immunization law, based on the pharmaceutical (Merck) company's lobbying activities and grant money....The audience seemed to overwhelmingly agree with Bachmann.
Smoking bans are no different......Nicoderm maker J & J by way of its beneficiary, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), improperly and falsely influence lawmakers to implement smoking bans in a similar self-serving, marketing scam.

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