Monday, June 30, 2008

Nicoderm manufacturer ALZA is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson Company

ALZA is a wholly owned subsidiary of J & J.

ALZA manufactures Nicoderm & Nicoderm CQ.

Johnson & Johnson's buyout of Pfizer Consumer Health (PCH) now gives J & J additional pharmaceutical nicotine profits from Nicotrol, Nicorette, and Commit (see pgs 32,33,56).

Note: GSK distributes Nicoderm, but it is manufactured by a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary......ALZA. As explained by GSK rep here:

It's little wonder then that Johnson & Johnson is funding smoking ban efforts thru their private foundation the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). To date RWJF has funded groups like the American Lung Association, American Non-Smoker's Rights, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, etc. to the tune of $446+ million to eliminate traditional delivery methods of nicotine, in order to prop up demand of all the pharmaceutical nicotine products that parent organization Johnson & Johnson manufactures or owns........classic rent seeking legislation at its finest.

The only problem is that these smoking bans, which are merely a marketing scam for the pharmaceutical nicotine industry, are eliminating thousands of hospitality establishments and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

3,382 UK pubs closed after nationwide smoking ban

1,000-2,000 US bars & restaurants closed after various smoking bans were enacted

Nearly 300 Mpls / St. Paul bars & restaurants closed after smoking bans were enacted

Casino revenue losses in Colorado & Las Vegas after smokingbans

Washington State gambling revenues fall sharply due to ban

Trump & Atlantic City casinos lose significant revenue after smoking ban

Illionois smoking ban eliminates revenues in casinos

-economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis have released analysis that says Illinois lost over $200 million in state and local revenue by placing the smoking ban on state-licensed casinos.

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