Monday, October 03, 2005

If the non-profits can't get me to stop presenting the facts........

..............they'll resort to threats.

This is great! I received this letter from the American Non-Smoker's Rights Foundation in Berkeley, CA., yes the very same American Non-Smoker's Rights Foundation which received $1,000,000.00 from the Nicoderm connected Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in this grant, this letter it seems it supposed to be a threat to air filtration equipment claims on this website.., ANR states:

..your company claims on its homepage that the commercial air cleaning systems on your website are "solutions" that are able "to eliminate" such indoor air pollutants as "tobacco smoke in bars and [sic] restaurants......"

Yes........ and your point is?

ANR goes on to say:

....tobacco smoke is classified by the U.S. EPA as a Class A carcinogen........

....yes, and so is airborne chromium and nickel, both Class A carcinogens which are given off in welding smoke......why are you so cavalier about the health of factory workers who are exposed to much higher concentrations of carcinogenic smoke than restaurants or bars could ever produce?......oh right, that $1,000,000.00 from RWJF; which owns $5.4 billion dollars in Johnson & Johnson stock...the Nicoderm manufacturer.

ANR continues:

.....Because there is no safe level (of a harmful substance), ventilation systems cannot claim or give the impression that they will protect people......

"Because there is no safe level of a harmful substance".....I love this argument most of all because it proves how scientifically inept these morons are......Do you really want to go there ANR? Because with that mentality you should stop breathing this instant........are you familiar with the harmful substance carbon dioxide? CO2 is fatal to humans at a concentration of 20%, yet with every breath you inhale a concentration of 0.038%......of a "harmful substance" do you still believe your own B.S. premise? Besides OSHA regulates indoor air quality not the EPA......and OSHA's entire existence is determining safe levels of "harmful substances" in thousands of airborne and otherwise, made and naturally occurring.

With the multi-millions of dollars supplied to you from RWJF have you ever considered hiring a scientist?

And finally ANR says:

.......American Non-Smokers Rights respectfully requests that you cease running these misleading advertisements that state, or create the perception to the general public.........

....hmmmm, I'll take that into consideration.................Global Air Filtration Inc. respectfully requests that you drop dead.......

Does ANR's tactic ever work? Well apparently, it does, they enclosed a list of the biggest air filtration manufacturers who all basically cowered to the Nicoderm funded bullies. These manufacturers give apologetic responses...

".......nowhere do we claim our product removes 100% of airborne hazards....."

(our product is shit don't even bother to buy our aircleaner) is the capitulation demanded by ANR and received by these litigation wary air cleaning companies......Are you kidding me?

I am more incensed at these non-profits now more than ever, they receive $200,000,000.00 + from the pharmaceutical nicotine industry to ban smoking and push the drug manufacturers' product....Nicoderm.....On the way, they decimate the tobacco industry, the hospitality industry, and now they're going after the air filtration industry........these arrogant non-profits parade around as though they're godlike and the affected companies, politicians and the general public gives them complete control - carte blanche......................I say no want to destroy my life and my livelihood Robert Wood Johnson you come meet with me in person......stop sending your worthless scientifically inept pawns .......the non-profits to attempt to bully us around.....

At the next smoking ban attempt, be a man about it, send Robert Wood Johnson IV in person, or RWJF to the capitol with a check to lobby the politicians directly......better yet, let Johnson & Johnson company and the Nicoderm marketing department be on the front lines to pay our politicians personally for your smoking ban legislation..........stop hiding behind these non-profits, they're morons. You give me $200,000,000.00 and I'll get the job done properly......first thing I'd do is hide that St. Louis Park Health Department study which proves secondhand smoke is 150 times safer than OSHA requires.

Not to mention the American Cancer Society air quality testing which proves secondhand smoke is up to 25,000 times safer than OSHA indoor air workplace regulations.

UPDATE: A former board member of American Non-Smokers Rights, Dr. Michael Siegel also takes issue with ANR's recent tactics.

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