Sunday, November 08, 2009

U.S. House Democrats pass govt healthcare takeover. RWJF's role should not be overlooked

House Democrats passed the most wasteful, disastrous, soon to be greatest contributing downfall to the American dream ever.....Obama-care.

Though the majority of Americans are opposed to government take-over of healthcare, Democrats threw caution to the wind, in what will be for most, their last year in congress.

And to bring the story full circle in regards to CTA, RWJF played a prominent role in "educating" lawmakers about the bogus need for socialized medicine (J & J). Much the same way as RWJF lobbied lawmakers for the false need for smoking order to increase alternative nicotine product demand for RWJF's partner J & J Co. drugs (such as Nicoderm)....a practice better known as rent seeking legislation.

Update: Another non-profit, the American Lung Association, which was paid $99 million to sell alternative nicotine drugs (lobby in favor of smoking bans) by J & J Company's partner, RWJF; chimes in to lobby for socialized healthcare.

Unlike smoking bans however, government healthcare takeover provides a very real political benefit to Democrat lawmakers.....after gaining control of 1/6th of the U.S. economy, they will no doubt push for unionization of the entire industry....voila massive new Democrat voter block. And now firmly in control of every American life, cradle to grave, Americans will become dependent upon this new government welfare system......voila massive new Democrat voter block.
The very real danger of course becomes an all controlling, one party, government tyranny which may never be over-thrown without violent revolution.

Observation: Democrats are cutting Medicare to pass Obamacare which will insure 10% Americans. Why not insure those 10% uninsured with Medicare and kill government reform which will destroy private healthcare for the other 90% of Americans.

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