Thursday, December 21, 2006

Eviction hearing courtesy of Minneapolis, Bloomington, and St. Paul smoking bans

To the few of you which voted against enacting a smoking ban I send my heartfelt thank you.

To the rest of you I just thought I'd inform you that the eviction hearing to evict my family from our home took place in Carver County (Chaska), MN. 12/21/06 8:30 AM, during the hearing I explained to Judge Kanning the reason for my home foreclosure. That reason being the job loss due to the local smoking bans.

To refresh every one's memory:
I explained the job loss to the judge so that the smoking ban damage (home foreclosure) would be a matter of public record.

My disdain for you the pro-smoking ban lawmakers cannot be expressed without serious profanity and hatred. Your selfish and uninformed actions have irrevocably altered my family's and thousands of others' lives here in the Twin Cities:

The mistake you made was in taking only one side of the issue (pro-smoking ban) into consideration, and that side is extremely well financed by the pharmaceutical nicotine industry.

Congratulations you have served your master well, your actions have served to increase the sales of pharmaceutical nicotine products ( $500,000,000.00+, annually) over tobacco nicotine products just as the smoking ban lobbyists planned. However, at the cost of many of us in the hospitality and hospitality support industries.

I'd add that I hope your collective consciences' bother you for what you've taken from those of us who used to make a good living, but as typical politicians I fear that hope is lost on hollow souls.

And in case you're wondering why you personally don't know anyone whose "died" from secondhand smoke, the answer is found in air quality testing and OSHA regulations:

I truly hope the only reason for your capitulation to the pharmaceutical nicotine lobby is that you received large personal or campaign contributions from these lying, deceitful organizations. The alternative does not speak very highly of your decision making skills nor your attempt to research the facts.

And before you, Commissioner Opat, chastises me for another email... as an elected official it is important for you to know how your decision has negatively affected our lives... therefore I am unconcerned about offending your delicate sensibilities.

Sleep well you conscience challenged politicos, I am pleased that you can now attend all the
empty bars and restaurants to your heart's content without the fear of smelling like smoke the next day...........You must be so proud.

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