Saturday, August 08, 2009

The same Pharma industry which eliminated massive numbers of hospitality jobs, now helps Obama lobby for socialized healthcare

Reminder how Nicoderm, Nicorette, Commit and other pharmaceutical interests (namely RWJF part of the Johnson & Johnson family) decimated the hospitality industry in the of pursuit rent seeking legislation, to increase profits, from government actions around the globe:

How much money and how many jobs can we expect to lose with socialized healthcare? Hard to tell yet, but if previous experience is any indicator it's nearly assured.

Obama and liberals keep telling us their healthcare reform plan (Obamacare) isn't government healthcare. They seem to think Americans are too stupid to see the obvious: namely the fact that "healthcare reform" is being proposed by White House and congressional legislation makes it a government program.......duh. Not to mention the fact that the Obamacare program will become a new government behemoth bureaucracy, with government officials overseeing American citizens healthcare, privacy, and bank accounts.

If Obamacare does become law over the will of the majority of Americans...remember 2010 and 2012 your duty is to vote Republican in any and all political offices.....with the directive that their first political action would be to repeal Obama's intrusive government "healthcare reform" law.

Update: White House and pharmaceutical companies confirm that in back door agreement pharma interests wouldn't be squeezed into providing any additional cost cutting of drug prices under proposed government healthcare plan.

Update: Johnson & Johnson spent $1.5 million lobbying Obama White House for laws that will increase their profits.......just as smoking bans have.

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