Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Minnesota smoking ban triples demand of Nicoderm (nicotine patch) products

That information comes from ClearWay MN and Blue Cross Blue Shield, and can be found here.

According to BCBS / Clearway MN and quoted in the Star Tribune:

Compared to October 2006, the number of over-the-counter products like the (Nicoderm) patch and nicotine gum that it provided to members tripled to a total of 10,000 claims.

Meanwhile Pfizer admits increased tobacco taxes more than doubled demand for their controversial smoking cessation drug Chantix:


As Clearing the Air has repeatedly informed readers, the maker of Nicoderm (Johnson & Johnson Company / ALZA) fund the smoking ban movement thru its sister organization, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).

Now having successfully used the force of government (smoking bans) to increase sales of pharmaceutical nicotine products, it seems the $200+ million "investment" is beginning to pay off as expected..........sorry to tell the sheeple out there, but it was never about health......it was about profits pure and simple.

Over the counter pharmaceutical nicotine sales account for $500+ million annually.

Even as science has repeatedly proven that secondhand smoke never was a workplace health hazard.





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