Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CTA proposes that Obama's redistribution of wealth begin with RWJF and Johnson & Johnson Company

Obama informed Joe the plumber that he plans to impose new taxes on successful Americans in order to spread the wealth, a policy more commonly known as redistribution of wealth.

Clearing The Air strongly suggests that RWJF / J&J and their respective CEOs, board members, managers, etc. be one of the first mandated to redistribute their wealth specifically to hospitality owners, employees, and vendors. Afterall that's what would be fair, and fairness and change seem to be the message that liberal politicians and their campaign supporters in the mainstream media seem hellbent on bringing us. So I say bring it on, RWJF / J & J has for years via rent seeking legislation conducted a reverse redistribution of wealth.........it's payback time.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), founded by Nicoderm maker Johnson & Johnson Company (ALZA); has for years promoted rent seeking legislation. Specifically, RWJF funds organizations, health departments, and universities to influence policymakers to pass smoking ban legislation in order to promote pharmaceutical nicotine (Nicoderm) sales. In effect taking from hospitality industry owners, employees and vendors; redistributing money from lower to middle class Americans to the wealthy pharmaceutical industry. The lies, omissions, and misinformation from RWJF and their grantees is justified (they claim) to implement smoking ban policies regardless of the facts. Facts like smoking ban legislation is forcing the closure of tens of thousands of hospitality establishments, and globally eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs. Here in the Twin Cities area alone 266+ establishments closed since smoking bans were introduced eliminating approximately 10,000 jobs. (200+ of those establishments closed prior to 2008, so the state of the economy was not a factor). Other facts ommitted are air quality studies by organizations like Johns Hopkins, the American Cancer Society, and environmental health departments which conclude that secondhand smoke levels are 2.6 - 25,000 times safer than OSHA workplace air quality standards.

So in the case of taking wealth from RWJF and Johnson & Johnson Company it's not an arbitrary redistribution of wealth.............rather it's recompense. (compensation or make up for loss or injury) Now, thanks to Obama and the mainstream media's latest agenda, it is now fashionable to demand redistribution of wealth......only in our case it's a redistribution of reverse redistribution of wealth..............thanks Barry Hussein, you've provided us some new insight into the subject. Now perhaps you could speak to your friends at RWJF and tell them to make the cashier's check out to Mark E. Wernimont.

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