Thursday, March 20, 2008

RWJF / CTFK (Nicoderm) funded PR consultant admits to putting Democrats in office in order to push their (Nicoderm sales) smoking ban agenda

From this GMMB website link comes the following statement:

"...GMMB has helped guide Democrats to victory in campaigns for governor, the U.S. Senate and the presidency—winning tough races in the biggest states long after the pundits had written them off. We’ve helped pass dozens of ballot initiatives (smoking bans and increased tobacco taxes)........And we’ve helped elect national leaders in Latin America and Africa and trained citizen activists in Eastern Europe....."
And this GMMB website link makes the following statements:

"....urge the public to pressure their state and local legislatures to pass clean indoor-air ordinances.....The Campaign has been successful in passing smoke-free ordinances in several states and communities including Montana; Delaware; Connecticut; Maine; Idaho; Massachusetts; Rhode Island; Minot, ND; Albuquerque, NM; and Dallas, TX...."
The problem of course is that GMMB, CTFK, and Johnson & Johnson Company's RWJF rent seeking efforts are closing thousands of businesses and eliminating tens of thousands of jobs, as evidenced here:

"...The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids recognized the need to effectively counter the tobacco industry's claims ....... GMMB was selected to serve as its advertising agency and strategic partner in a stepped-up, proactive effort to turn up the heat on Big Tobacco...."

"......In addition to our work at the federal level, GMMB also works closely with the Campaign to develop advertising and media placements for anti-tobacco initiatives (smoking bans) at the state and local levels......"

As a reminder to readers the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids was started by a $70 million grant from Nicoderm manufacturer Johnson & Johnson Company's political foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).

Johnson & Johnson's RWJF is playing politics for profits. Engaged in propping up special interest funded politicians strictly for their own profit motives......and their PR firm GMMB openly admits that it's Democrats who are more likely to play the game of dirty, sleazy, rent seeking politics.
Currently it seems GMMB is backing the white America hating Barack Hussein Obama for President, see for yourself here:

Update: Presidential hopeful B. Hussein Obama never fails to push the alternative nicotine products manufatured by his campaign supporters and backers. I'm sure you can guess what special interest (smoking ban) laws Obama will enact as President. 

Here's a long list of previous behavior control legislation by Obama.

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