Sunday, December 09, 2007

Smoking bans in the UK, Wales, and Scotland cause financial ruin for the hospitality industry across the pond

That information can be found in this article.

Enterprise Inns, the UK's second-largest pub group, warned of "closures across the industry". It has put 96 of its 2,700 pubs up for sale.

And in Wales, where a ban on smoking was introduced in April, pubs have lost an estimated 20% of their trade. Bingo halls and working men's clubs are also feeling the pinch. In Scotland, more than 20 bingo halls have already closed since the ban was introduced; scores more are under threat of closure across Britain

But the smoking bans are wrong not just because they are putting people out of jobs and adversely affecting the economy. The main objection to the anti-smoking legislation is the way it is destroying social life in Britain.

Britain's estimated 12 million smokers have a choice: they go out to a pub or club and then have to stand outside, like social outcasts, on a cold and often wet pavement every time they fancy a smoke; or they simply stay at home. Unsurprisingly, millions are opting for the latter.

Here in Minnesota Clearing the Air chronicled a similar experience, with 138+ establishment closings. Smoking bans, contrary to Nicoderm funded activists' testimony, reduce revenues in the hospitality industry everywhere they are enacted.

Meanwhile, all the air quality testing conducted by these same Nicoderm funded groups, prove that secondhand smoke is up to 25,000 times SAFER than OSHA not a workplace health hazard.

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