Sunday, October 15, 2006

Prophecy of our forefathers......Plus an addendum that should be added to any and all smoking bans old or new

I happened to glance up at our wall calendar this morning and found a prophetic quote:

A government that is big enough to give you all you big enough to take it all away1. -Barry Goldwater

Of course the perversion to this prophecy regarding smoking bans is that government didn't enact such legislation of their own accord, policy makers were misinformed and lied2 to by pharmaceutical interests3 whose real objective was to obtain a government mandate which favored their nicotine products4 over tobacco nicotine product use.

And the only way to bring common sense back to the issue is for lawmakers to realize that there already is an established safe level5 of exposure for secondhand smoke components and as the American Cancer Society has shown us, secondhand smoke concentrations are up to 25,000 times safer6 than the established safe level.

If however, lawmakers refuse to use reason and science as the basis for laws; they need to put one further safeguard in place: If the implementation of a smoking ban results in loss of revenues7, business closings8, or job losses9......the pharmaceutical interests (especially RWJF and Johnson & Johnson Company10), and non-profits which did their bidding11 will be responsible for providing compensation to those12 affected13.

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