Thursday, October 19, 2006

Good day local politicians......just wanted to let you know how your policies destroy lives.

The following letter was sent to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Bloomington MN. city council members after they enacted smoking bans......and is relevant to any local or state government which passes smoking bans.

Apparently it takes nearly a year before you actually get forced out of you home due to foreclosure......I didn't know that, did you?

Just to refresh your memory on how your misguided ordinances negatively affect peoples lives, here is that story:

Of course I am not the only one negatively are the thousands more in mostly Hennepin county: (each establishment employed 30+ people on average)

But since the media refuses to report the negative impact.......somehow up in your pristine ivory towers, all is right with the world. And in fact, in your narcissistic minds you saved the people from a fate more hazardous than nuclear fallout.......secondhand smoke. I don't say that as a sarcastic joke I mean it literally. You folks actually believe the pharmaceutical lie that there is "no safe level" of secondhand smoke...where are the cries of "there is no safe level of radiation"?

We are naturally exposed to low levels of radiation all day everyday....and it is fact that OSHA has a safe level of exposure (pel) to radiation......and everyone of you is content to let the OSHA regulations dictate that safe level.......Yet, it is also fact that OSHA has a safe level of exposure (pel) for every one of the chemical components of secondhand smoke and air quality testing by a local St. Louis Park, MN. Environmental Health Department and the American Cancer Society finds that secondhand smoke concentrations ranged between 15 - 25,000 times SAFER than OSHA permissible exposure limits (pel) for exposure to secondhand smoke......NOT A HEALTH HAZARD.

Oh well, the opposition is well funded by the pharmaceutical industry (RWJF), even the AMA accepted $88 million from RWJF to spread lies about secondhand could we expect our local politicians to remain an avalanche of cash and disinformation, shown here:

The payoff to the drug companies for smoking cessation is huge........$500,000,000.00+ annually, so their incentive to lie is well documented:

But could I ask just one thing of all of you who enact such laws which clearly are very damaging to the lives of many of us....... is it possible for you to demand that these billion dollar special interests set aside a few hundred million dollars before you enact such that those harmed, like myself, have someplace to turn for help when our jobs are lost, our vehicles are repossessed, and our homes are foreclosed?

And just to let you know, as I am packing my things before eviction November 5, 2006, from probably the last house my ruined credit will ever again move into a run down rental home; you should be aware that you have done nothing but strengthen my resolve to vehemently oppose and testify against the smoking ban at the state level. And as many State Senate and House members have come to know my situation firsthand and have tried to help my family personally.....there will be fewer state lawmakers who fall for the same pharmaceutical lies you did.

The negative effects of smoking bans on peoples lives and livelihoods along with the total disregard and apathy by the non-profit "do-gooders", speaks volumes about the real agenda and the lack of concern for health and welfare.....

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