Saturday, September 09, 2006

It's always good to know you make a difference......

From this story out of Pittsburgh, PA. comes the news of another attempt to pass a smoking ban. But it's the last paragraph that caught my eye:

......a loss of business (because of smoking bans) has also been noted in Minnesota.

Now it is important to understand that Minnesota is not unique in this experience of smoking bans causing serious damage to the hospitality industry.....but what does make us unique is that the facts about how damaging smoking bans are to local businesses are now being reported in the alternative media.....the internet. Whereas in previous smoking ban hearings the activists would have falsely claimed that smoking bans do not cause adverse financial harm, it seems that even they now know better than to continue their lies in the modern internet age.

It's a testament to the iron fisted control of the tobacco control movement over mainstream media that losses in other smoking ban affected areas until now have not been widely reported.

But, just as the blogosphere was influential at exposing Dan Rather's blunder, so to is the blogosphere proving to be independent of the censored mainstream media coverage of the smoking ban issue.

It is fortunate for us that smoking ban activists did not recognize the importance that independent websites and weblogs could have on impeding their design of worldwide domination.

And the worldwide web is surprisingly effective in distributing this American Cancer Society test result which proves secondhand smoke is up to 25,000 times SAFER than OSHA workplace air quality regulations. Making future smoking bans a more costly, difficult, and unnecessary venture for the pharmaceutical nicotine interests.

If I were you Johnson & Johnson, I would call off your dogs of war and concentrate on selling smoking cessation products the old fashioned way with voluntary marketing and advertising, not via smoking bans.

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