Thursday, June 29, 2006

Smoking bans.....let's cut through the bullshit shall we?

The agenda of the pro-smoking ban activists is to stop smokers from smoking...because smoking MAY be hazardous to the smokers' health. A noble cause when it was conducted through voluntary education and marketing. Smoking bans on the other hand are coercive, collusive, and frankly bordering on racketeering in my opinion.

So when voluntary marketing didn't produce the results that the activists and the pharmaceutical nicotine companies desired, they took it to the next level......Spreading lies about secondhand smoke to use the force of governemnt to accomplish what the non-profit health organizations could not. And the reason the use of force is not popular is because it has caused thousands of businesses to go bankrupt......tens of thousands of jobs lost.....and a serious violation of property rights, all based on a series of INCREDIBLE LIES. Even as the American Cancer Society itself has proven secondhand smoke is up to 25,000 times safer than OSHA regulations for secondhand smoke components.

Look, RWJF and Johnson & Johnson Company etc. if you still demand a smoking ban so that you can sell more Nicoderm patches, at least show some class and ethics about it. Provide some compensation to those of us financially impacted by your lies and deceipt.

I suggested this approach over a year ago, and truth be told......if MPAAT or the American Lung Association, or Johnson & Johnson etc. had approached me back then and said, ".. look we're going to get a law passed which is going to put you out of the business of selling Smokeeters, but because we are responsible for lobbying for the smoking ban, we will compensate you for your losses," I would have probably stepped aside and said no problem. But now that the evidence has exposed their lies and they've destroyed so many peoples' lives financially, I don't think there is any level of compensation which will justify what these pharmaceutical interests have done.

I commend you for what may have once seemed a noble and just cause.......but the end DOES NOT justify the means.

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