Friday, September 01, 2006

And now the next chapter.....St. Paul council member Dave Thune gets his wish......and starts closing down St. Paul bars and restaurants

Readers may remember that it was Dave Thune in 2004 who was first seduced by the I mean, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation lies about secondhand smoke. He was the first to propose smoking bans in the metro area.....thankfully Mayor Randy Kelly vetoed that nonsense.

Now however, liberal mayor Chris Coleman is in office so Thune and his anti-business cronies were free to impose their wet dream......a utopian dream of no smoking in bars and restaurants.......and no customers in those bars and restaurants.

So now it begins in earnest, Mike's Bar in St. Paul, MN. closed........and left no doubt as to the reason for their business closing.

And I'd like to again take this moment to remind the anti-business lawmakers that secondhand smoke, by the activists own test results, is NOT a health hazard.

St. Louis Park, MN. officials proved secondhand smoke is up to 500 times SAFER than OSHA air quality regulations.

While American Cancer Society officials proved secondhand smoke is up to 25,000 times SAFER than OSHA air quality regulations.

Higher taxes, more crime, more business closings........ remember St. Paul residents this is what you get for putting liberals into office......and believing the B.S. lies of the pharmaceutical nicotine activists.

Check out the rest of the businesses lawmakers and the Nicoderm (RWJF) marketing department have closed the name of "public health". I know that's why I used to go to the bars & restaurants....for my health.

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