Saturday, August 26, 2006

Smoking bans and a new ban on alcohol go hand in hand. And the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation gets double the value.

Contrary to testimony by pro-smoking ban activists, smoking bans do not increase business, they actually eliminate hospitality establishments at an alarming rate. Here in the Twin Cities 81 have closed and filed bankruptcy at last count.....meanwhile in 2004 the last full year without a ban only 15 closed.

In Seattle after just eight months of a smoking ban, tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue has been reported by the casinos. And nationwide nearly 700 establishments have closed or are on the verge. But that's not all bad news to some.

What most people don't realize is that the same Robert Wood Johnson Foundation which provides the behind the scenes funding to push for smoking bans, is also behind the push for a new ban on alcohol...and with smoking bans putting more liquor establishments out of business......the bans are aiding in the secondary agenda of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation........alcohol prohibition......pretty clever huh?

You see even RWJF knows just how unpopular it would appear for them to be pushing for the next prohibition of alcohol.....afterall they have to protect the image of their parent organization.........the Johnson & Johnson Company. And smoking bans are helping to eliminate the need for a direct alcohol prohibition confrontation.

Are you wondering if perhaps J & J manufactures a drug to aid in the cessation of alcohol?.....well here's your answer.

Update: This article gives information on an alcohol cessation drug called naltrexone (Revia) and states that it is now a generic drug that any pharmaceutical company may sell. Additionally, here is an interesting bit of information regarding the drug:

".....In March 2005, Yale researchers began investigating the use of the naltrexone to help men and women quit smoking without gaining weight......"

Look for a new product with one of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies names upon this one......afterall, RWJF wouldn't fund smoking bans and alcohol bans.....just to let a competing pharmaceutical company capitalize on all their exaggerations and lies.

Here is a new drug called Chantix manufactured and sold by Pfizer......and undoubtedly one of the main reasons Johnson & Johnson (RWJF) bought Pfizer.

This recent research grant by RWJF directly supports J & J pharmaceutical interests.

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