Thursday, November 17, 2005

Why pay for advertising?....When you can control the media instead......

.........More proof of RWJF exhibiting control over personal behavior....and further advocacy for elimination of alcohol consumption in our society.

The fact that this story1 receives above the fold prominence in the media, shows the stranglehold that an organization like Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has on mainstream media2. In case you haven't seen previous posts by Clearing the Air, aside from paying for smoking bans around the world3....the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is taking aim to diminish alcohol consumption4 next. Indeed RWJF was extremely influential in getting lower alcohol limits of .08 passed nationwide5.

What Robert Wood Johnson wants Robert Wood Johnson takes. And specifically they want your civil liberties in exchange for greater J & J profits.

ReVia is a drug developed by Merck to eliminate alcohol use, Merck is in partnership with Johnson & Johnson company.....and of course the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is the largest single shareholder of J & J stock, a $5.4 billion stake.

Nicoderm is a drug manufactured by ALZA to be a substitute for smoking, (distributed by Glaxo Smith Kline). ALZA is owned by the Johnson & Johnson company.........and again the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is the largest single shareholder of J & J stock, a $5.4 billion stake.

Is secondhand smoke a hazard? Answer scientifically proven by the American Cancer Society here.

PS: This researcher funded by RWJF confirmed that control of the media spin & coverage was indeed part of RWJF and smoking ban activists' strategy.

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