Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flasback 2006: MSA funded anti-tobacco group ClearWay MN proves smoking bans eliminate business & jobs

Reprint from CTA posting 11/2006

State funded anti-tobacco group proves that smoking bans eliminate business....will lawmakers heed the lesson

Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco (MPAAT) now ClearWay MN, proved that smoking bans eliminate on average nearly 40% of a private businesses' customers; with the most dramatic decrease in business of nearly 90%.

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"customers before" was count before smoking ban
"customers after" was count after smoking ban

Clearing the Air covered this story a few months back, but as more cities, counties, and states cave in to extortion-like tactics by the non-profit special interest smoking ban groups; it is important to remember the lessons that even the activists can't deny.

Update 2008: Minnesota Auditor's Office report finds that smoking ban decreased revenue 31.9% in bars and taverns just one year after smoking ban was implemented.

What's even more incredible is that air quality testing of secondhand smoke proves the "heath hazard" claim is a bold faced lie, and international hoax. Couple that with the new revelation by Dr. Siegel, that epidemiological studies which smoking ban activists' based their very existence upon were manipulated and/or fixed to support a pre-determined agenda, and you've got very sound reasoning why lawmakers should send the smoking ban charlatans not only packing, but making reparations to all the individuals and businesses harmed.

Update to Clearway MN study above:
3 years later we know for fact that ClearWay MN was correct, nearly 500 Minnesota bars and restaurants have closed since smoking bans were enacted in the land of 10,000 lakes.

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