Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Minneapolis Mayor Rybak and city council members play liberal politics as usual

Uber leftists Rybak and Mpls city council members enacted an ordinance which closed nearly one third of the total hospitality establishments in the city, eliminating a significant tax base. Now with a large budget deficit looming, Rybak et al have decided the solution is to cut firefighter's a typical ploy used by liberals to increase taxes.

Nevermind the fact that they've approved wasteful spending like 10 drinking fountains at a price tag of $50,000 each, $2 million to renovate the Shubert Theater, $5.32 million for "green roofs" on the Target's those unnecessary departments like firefighting the city will cut.....unless you the citizens agree to tax hikes. It's an extortion scam that would make Gotti proud.

Meanwhile the lasting legacy of the current liberal, effete, nanny-state Rybak administration is that they enacted a special-interest, flawed law (smoking ban); which significantly decreased the number of businesses (tax base) and jobs......And rather than admit fault they're going to the well once again.

It's a cyclical Democrat recipe.......enact burdensome, business eliminating, over-regulation, in this case a smoking ban; and counteract the disastrous results with tax increases........So, how's that change working for ya?

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