Saturday, December 13, 2008

Liberal, clueless Minneapolis council members who overwhelmingly supported economy damaging smoking ban ordinances approve of $5.3 million roof

The fiscally inept council members are expected to approve a $5.3 million dollar "green" roof for the Target Center.

The project would be the city's most expensive since it bought the Target Center and will take 20 years to actually become cost effective, the Star Tribune says.

More here at Citypages.

Other examples of Mayor Rybak and crew's shrewd investment decisions:

10) $50,000 drinking fountains......$500,000.00 well spent, if you're a down and out, over-priced fountain artisan.

A smoking ban ordinance, which so far has closed 270+ bars and restaurants putting 10,000 workers in the unemployment line, and contributing greatly to our current economic shortfall. (WI, which doesn't have a statewide smoking ban, has 4.7% unemployment rate, MN with ban has 6% unemployment)

It's no wonder then that Minneapolis has announced a hiring freeze, afterall there are many more roofs to "green" and "European" fountains to install....

Can't wait to see what this clueless crew wastes our tax dollars on next.

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