Monday, January 21, 2008

Modern day Germans refuse to give in to Aryan NAZI laws.....while the rest of the world seems only too happy to follow in Hitler's footsteps

For those unfamiliar, Hitler and NAZI Germany were one of the first to impose a smoking ban upon their people.

Today governments around the globe are only too eager to impose those same NAZI laws upon their populations.

Germans however, are very hesitant to revisit that horrific low point in their history. Case in point, this article about Germans refusal to take the new smoking ban in stride:

'Some feel a deep necessity nowadays to distance themselves from the Nazi position - according to which cigarettes were damaging to the idea of the "ideal German Aryan" .....The new law has triggered a rebellion and many people have taken drastic and imaginative measures so they can continue smoking......One campaigner went as far as to issue a T-shirt bearing a yellow star of David along with the word 'smoker', comparing the 'persecution' of smokers to that of Jews under the Nazis.

Perhaps modern day liberal politicians would do well to heed this insight, especially in light of the fact that air quality testing now proves that secondhand smoke is not a workplace health hazard.

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