Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Trump Casinos experience financial losses brought about by the Atlantic City New Jersey smoking ban

Gaming revenue slipped to $249.1 million from $272.9 million. Trump Taj Mahal revenue fell to $122 from $132.1 million, while Trump Plaza revenue slipped to $68.2 million from $76.9 million. Revenue at the Trump Marina dipped to $58.9 million from $64 million.

The company said quarterly revenue was hurt by increased competition from Pennsylvania and New York, the promotional environment in Atlantic City and a smoking ban there.

Revenue per available room -- a metric also known as revpar -- increased 13.3 percent, to $82.51 from $72.85

The interesting thing to note here is that revenue per hotel room increased by 13.3 percent, yet gaming decreased by 8%. Smoking is still allowed in the hotel rooms, but severely limited on the casino floors. Evidently people are still going to the Atlantic City resorts, but smokers and their friends apparently don't stay and spend money where they're not welcome.

This is consistant with findings around the globe, -smoking bans financially decimate the hospitality and entertainment industry as we've seen over and over and over.

Meanwhile air quality test results prove secondhand smoke is not the hazard that Nicoderm lobbyists have "sold" to lawmakers.

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