Friday, August 31, 2007

Donald Trump is smokin' mad about ignorant Atlantic City council decision

Trump blames Atlantic City council's decision to ban free market choices (smoking ban) as the reason for the downturn in revenue at his New Jersey casino. But councilmen Bruce Ward and Gene Robinson respond that the casino's reduced revenue is due to Trump's inability to operate a business.

Council members Ward & Robinson conveniently ignore this fact pointed out in an earlier posting:

The interesting thing to note here is that revenue per hotel room increased by 13.3 percent, yet gaming decreased by 8%. Smoking is still allowed in the hotel rooms, but severely limited on the casino floors. Evidently people are still going to the Atlantic City resorts, but smokers and their friends apparently don't stay and spend money where they're not welcome.

Two undeniable facts occur wherever smoking bans are enacted:

1) hospitality / casino business revenues are reduced significantly

2) smoking ban proponents will blame anything but their actions as the cause for those business losses and eventual closings.

It's time to remove anti-free market politicians from government office, and it's high time to remove the pharmaceutical nicotine lobbyists (RWJF / J & J, maker of Nicoderm) money & influence on local government.

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