Tuesday, August 14, 2007

City of St. Paul demands a tax hike for the second year in a row

There is litttle doubt as to one of the main reasons for the budget shortfall. In 2005 DFL St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and the city's anti-business council enacted a business crippling smoking ban. Since the ban took effect there have been numerous bar & restaurant closings, the establishments which remain have seen reduced sales which translates into lower tax revenue collected by the city. It is no secret that the mayor's office has been frantically trying to attract hospitality nightlife back into the city of St. Paul.

Back in 2006 Coleman informed residents that a tax hike of 8.5% was necessary, now in 2007 he informs residents that a 15% hike is required to fill the city's budget shortfall.

These inept and short sighted lawmakers were coerced by the Nicoderm funded non-profits (ALA, ACS, AMA etc.) to enact a smoking ban which caused them and many others to experience revenue shortfalls.....I think it's time to demand the rent seeking lobbyists, RWJF / Johnson & Johnson Co., foot the bill.......though the city of St. Paul will have to get in line behind me.

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