Monday, May 07, 2007

It's time for a full scale congressional investigation into the pharmaceutical nicotine interests which fund smoking ban efforts

Because air quality test results by the likes of the American Cancer Society are proving that the secondhand smoke kills argument is completely fabricated, and BMJ published AQ test results confirm the same lack of health hazard. It's time for lawmakers to investigate why this fallacy has permeated the local government debate.....and specifically who is funding and spreading that false information.

The "who" is in large part the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. And since RWJF is an affiliate of the Johnson & Johnson Company (the manufacturer of competing nicotine products such as Nicoderm), it stands to reason that the role of RWJF's funding of smoking ban efforts is for their own financial benefit.....not for health concerns as some would have you believe.

At the very least, because of the appearance of impropriety, and the fact that tens of thousands of people in the hospitality and ventilation industries are being negatively impacted by these special interest funded smoking bans; congressional hearings at the state and federal levels should convene immediately before any future consideration of smoking bans at any level (city, county, state, or federal).

And should it be discovered that there is indeed a conflict of interest, the culpable party (RWJF) should be forced to compensate those of us negatively affected by the false data which resulted in arbitrary and unnecessary smoking ban laws.

Clearing the Air encourages all hospitality associations, ventilation / filtration manufacturers, gaming associations, and even the tobacco manufacturers nationwide to demand such an powerful voice in unison, cannot go ignored.

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