Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty backing away from a statewide smoking ban?

Governor Tim Pawlenty started off his second term today with an inaugural address which contained the following quote:

"Let's be conservative by embracing the tried, tested and true approaches that are working and the values that steady and guide us.

And let's be progressive as we improve and overhaul things that aren't working well or have us on the wrong course........"

Well one of the things that aren't working well or have us on the wrong course are the local smoking bans, which have put nearly 100 bars and restaurants out of business, thereby eliminating approximately 3,000 jobs.

Thus one can conclude, if we are to take Pawlenty at his word, that a statewide smoking ban; which would close down more hospitality businesses and eliminate thousands more jobs is not on his agenda, as a statewide smoking ban would have us on the wrong course.

Thank you Governor, I knew you would come to your senses sooner or later.

Besides it's best to let OSHA handle air quality issues in the workplace.....and here are the test results which prove secondhand smoke is well within (safer than) OSHA regulations.

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