Sunday, December 17, 2006

St. Paul bar owner describes how Christmas bonuses work at his establishment since the smoking ban has taken effect

Rudy Cervantez the owner of Mr. C's in St. Paul writes this opinion letter to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

......Because of the City Council and Mayor Chris Coleman's healthy decision on the smoking ban, I had to lay off my bartending staff..........I don't understand how a few people can decide for the thousands of good citizens of St. Paul what they can and cannot do in their own business. The citizens of St. Paul elected the City Council and Coleman, and they can remove them. I hope all the bar owners rally against all who voted for the smoking ban.....

In closing, have a Merry Christmas, because my laid-off employees will be having a blue one.


I am confused, I thought the city council and all the non-profit health organizations banned smoking because they were concerned for the health of Mr. C's employees, how does putting them out of work, and eliminating their health insurance plan help them? Must be some new form of compassionate charity that the rest of us are too stupid to understand...........or more likely smoking bans are really only meant to help fulfill the greed and self interests of the non-profit health organizations who received pharmaceutical nicotine funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with the directive to "educate" lawmakers about the benefits of said smoking bans.

The bonus apparently, is that the laid off employees won't have to inhale secondhand smoke.........but my guess is that they would rather have their jobs.

Here's a reminder of just how unnecessary the smoking bans, and subsequent job losses, are. And here is the list of nearly 90 other twin cities' establishments who've suffered the ultimate fate since implementation of the smoking bans.....then there's MPAAT showing us that smoking bans eliminate business in virtually all bars and restaurants they polled.

In other words the facts are now undeniable smoking bans are unnecessary and eliminate jobs and businesses at an alarming rate. Smoking bans are the hoax we can all live without.

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