Saturday, August 05, 2006

Non-smoking bars and restaurants have a new "stinking" problem

"... like MANY other folk living in the Twin Cities have had to get used to the fact that my formerly "smoky" clubs and bars have become "non-smoking" and frankly rather stinky. Yes... Stinky. The cigarette smoke did a lot to cover up the fact that certain venues are old, and reek of body-odour, spilled and rotting food and alcohol...."

The above excerpt comes from:

Tuckmac goes on to describe the evening out:

"I say to My Lady... Let's go out and have a fag, and we'll stick around for a few more beers...

My Lady and I go out the front door... And the bouncer says "thanks for coming" and I say... "You're welcome, but we're just having a smoke, we'll be back." and he in turn says... "No you're not, we're closed now."

"We're CLOSED NOW?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

"What the?

It's barely 11:00pm... (Bars in Minneapolis are allowed to be open till 1:00am)

First Ave ALWAYS used to have a pretty fun scene AFTER a band had finished...I used to LOVE sitting there at the bar watching the dancing and occasionally joining in if a particularly good song came on... But...

"We're closed now!"

Well... There's other bars. Glueks... Closed. Kieran's Closed. All the pubs in the area...CLOSED at 11:00 P-f**king-M ... CLOSED.

For readers from a different place... Imagine your pubs/bars closing two hours before they're meant to.

The entire Downtown Area was closing up shop.

Now... I haven't been here for a while... And My Lady and I are only NOW just starting to get back into our social lives here... But...That just shocked me.

I'm pissed off.

And it's all Due to the f**king smoking ban!!!"

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And so now you can see the events that have led up to 80 + (and counting) bars, restaurants, and nightclubs permanently closing their doors since local smoking bans started here in the Twin Cities......and as Tuckmac laments "its sad......" especially since the pro-smoking ban argument is based on lies.

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