Wednesday, March 01, 2006

MPAAT seems to have abandoned their use of Heather Crowe commercials

It could be another embarassing scandal for Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco, the first was chronicled here. Heather Crowe is the restaurant worker who according to the MPAAT radio and TV commercials developed a "smoker's tumor" allegedly due to exposure to secondhand smoke for 40 years.

The full story is available at Forces homepage under the heading "Health".


Most of our readers are familiar with still-lively Canadian waitress Heather Crowe........worker's compensation awards she received, but the original judgment on her behalf by the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (OWSIB), dates back to 2002. ... prior to biopsy, with a tentative diagnosis of a lung tumor, she sought the help of the Chief Medical Officer for the city of Ottawa, Doctor Robert Cushman, to advance her claim for compensation. Doctor Cushman is also president of the non-profit Canadian Council for Tobacco Control (formerly the Canadian Council on Smoking and Health) which is as well known for its irregularities in fiscal accounting (government funding was slashed following a scandalous audit) as for its zealousness in pursuit of absolute tobacco prohibition.

Heather Crowe had worked as a waitress. With Cushman's help, and a publicly flaunted diagnosis of a "smoker's tumor," the OWSIB found that passive smoking in restaurants entitled Ms. Crowe to compensation........."Smoker's tumor" is nothing more than a propaganda term created by Ms. Crowe's prohibitionist managers.

........perhaps a year to live, perhaps a few months beyond, but no more. Well, the prognosis was sure wrong, so the obscured diagnosis becomes additionally suspect. Four years have passed. We learn that Ms. Crowe's insides are scarred by the noxious treatments (chemo) but no sign of lung cancer exists........She's in her sixties now and has gained forty pounds since her fatal cancer diagnosis. The OWSIB has ordered her back to work.

...We never were told what real form of lung cancer Ms. Crowe was supposed to have. We know over-zealous diagnosis is terribly unwise. Heather Crowe is very possibly a physical victim of purblind medicos and prohibitionists.

.....She is a victim, not of the friendly restaurant patrons who gave her tips, but of the psychopathic activists who used her, to throw those patrons out into the frozen Canadian streets. Heather says of her old restaurant friends, "I feel like I have taken so much from them."

The pro-smoking ban activists have a serious agenda, an active imagination, and unlimited funding to rape and pillage. Unfortunately it seems that Heather Crowe is their latest victim.

Minnesota lawmakers need to remove the current board members and policy agenda away from MPAAT, or the Settlement money will be squandered on further scandalous marketing campaigns and misguided agendas. What happened to helping smoker's voluntarily quit smoking....wasn't that MPAAT's mandate?

More about Heather Crowe and the hidden agenda behind smoking bans here.

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