Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The new face of St. Paul....the anti-business city council....

.....made good on its threat to side with the special interest groups ignoring the facts which prove secondhand smoke is not a public health hazard (152 times safer than OSHA standards actually).

And ignoring the trend in Minnesota, whose state lawmakers for two consecutive years have told the pharmaceutical funded activists "....sorry, but we won't cater to the Nicoderm marketing department..." and whose local governments have also recently eased smoking bans in Hennepin county as well as Duluth; St. Paul city council voted to implement a smoking ban in a final desperate effort to "force" state lawmakers to bend to their puny demands.

Well if it makes Bucky feel like an important person have at it.......but its too little too late for you and your puny maniacal scheme as well as the American Lung, American Cancer and the other paid schills of the Johnson & Johnson / RWJF company....the St. Louis Park test results are the genie in the bottle which will not be ignored nor put back into the proverbial bottle.

St. Paul establishments will now be more equally represented in the Hennepin / Ramsey establishments out of business though, congratulations. The first casualty will of course be the Buttery.......let's add that to the list shall we.......anybody in particular you'd like to see added to the list next?

You may recall a few months ago Bucky when I asked how much the pharmaceutical nicotine special interest groups contribute to election campaigns.......I'm still waiting to hear your answer? $600,000 spent in 2004 by the American Cancer Society must have bought a few votes......wouldn't you say?

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