Friday, December 16, 2005

Terrorists or anti-smoking zealots you decide......

It has come to my attention that Hennepin county commissioners, who sought to ease the plight of business owners and families losing jobs due to the smoking ban, are receiving death wishes of sorts.

As you may or may not know Hennepin county Minnesota commissioners voted 12/13/05 to relax the smoking ban ever so slightly to help business owners and employees......What do they get for their efforts? Pro-smoking ban zealots wishing them to get lung cancer. Terroristic and bullying tactics by the pro-smoking ban activists are nothing new, American Non-Smoker's Rights threatened my business months ago, these new tactics though go too far. Sue Jeffers & I have become accustomed to their threats.....but lawmakers shouldn't fear making an informed decision and voting on the facts.

The latest tactics by pro-smoking ban zealots is shameful and disgusting. By sending the pro-smoking ban terrorists packing with their lies and "studies" in tow.....state lawmakers can send a powerful message to future pro-ban activists.........thank you but we've seen your kind before, and we don't negotiate with terrorists of any type.

In the meantime threatened lawmakers should be comforted in the fact that local environmental health department testing and OSHA air quality standards prove lung cancer from secondhand smoke is not the hazard these thugs claim.

0.5 mg or 500 ug/cu.M. (OSHA safe level) divided by 3.3 ug/cu.M. (median reading Applebees) = measured airborne nicotine* levels are 152 times safer than OSHA regulations ie. In other words NO HEALTH HAZARD as per OSHA workplace indoor air quality standards.

It is therefore disingenuous to implement smoking bans based on the argument that secondhand smoke is a health hazard, that argument has been scientifically proven false.

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