Saturday, December 10, 2005

An editorial board Robert Wood Johnson hasn't bought off yet........low on money RWJF?

The editorial board at The Washington Times is apparently against the DC smoking ban:

With at-large Republican Carol Schwartz the lone exception, 12 council members passed a smoking ban in nearly all public places.......Mrs. Schwartz voted against it and for that we commend her.

As for the mayor, his few public comments on the matter suggest that his head is certainly in the right place. "I really fear the economic detriment here to our city," Mr. Williams said Tuesday. He is correct to fear the detriment to his city, as we here in the Twin Cities have observed firsthand.

And for that reason, the mayor must follow Mrs. Schwartz's example by taking a stand for a free society.

I'm so disappointed in RWJF, they've been able to buy the support of nearly every media outlet, up to now.....I am beginning to detect a weakness in the fortress wall.

Perhaps this is the wrecking ball that will tear it all down.

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