Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It' nearly a laugh......

....but it's really a cry.

Given the fact that for weeks now, Bloomington, MN. and Hennepin County and perhaps eventually Minneapolis are re-thinking their smoking bans, a person might feel justified in gloating to the anti-smoking activists at how wrong they were in their testimony to local government officials prior to the smoking bans.

A person might, if it weren't so financially devastating to those of us living the nightmarish consequences of those smoke and mirror lies by the anti-smoking activists. The fact of the matter is that a majority of establishments are experiencing 30-50% revenue losses, or vendors such as myself who've experienced 100% revenue losses. In testimony to public officials a year ago by the anti-smoking activists, these losses would never occur. MPAAT puts out radio & TV ads telling us 38,000 people every year die of secondhand smoke.....they can't prove it, but since they can afford the airtime what else matters? The other non-profits spread similar lies backed up with "we estimate", "we believe", "speculation is"; of course what they're really backed with is, over $200,000,000.00 of Nicotrol, Nicoderm marketing money from RWJF.

The solution to buying into the testimony of these pharmaceutical nicotine marketing hacks, is that every one of the organizations which spent money, lobbying for smoking bans needs to respond by paying restitution, with the pharmaceutical pay-off money they accepted, to those of us which have suffered financial harm as a result of their egregious actions.

Make no mistake it's not revenge we're's the reckoning.

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