Monday, August 08, 2005

New Hennepin county smoking ban facts....

RT Rybak wants a state wide smoking ban to cover his costly mistake.

His new communications directory is Jeremy Hanson, ex-lobbyist for the Cancer society, proves he is tied at the hip to this well funded special interest group.

Lost revenues of over a million dollars a month compared to last year.

Charitable gambling revenues down 40%.

1200 lost jobs.

20 closed businesses, more barely hanging on.

The city is now targeting bars in other areas including new sidewalk cafe licenses. If they had their way, 75% would be gone. Noise will be coming soon.

Write RT Rybak and the Minneapolis City Council too, demand the ban be examined again. Not just the bar owners suffer from stupid decisions that have been made.

Thanks to Sue Jeffers former owner of Stub & Herbs for the above information.

Update 4/20/09: Local Minnesota smoking bans closed 320+ bars and restaurants, eliminating more than 10,000+ jobs.

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