Sunday, June 19, 2011

Freedom makes a comeback as Nevada continues to reverse their statewide smoking ban

Bars & restaurants in Nevada have been decimated financially by their smoking ban, just as has happened in every other state.

But unlike every other state, Nevada lawmakers are smart enough to know how to eliminate the financial bloodbath by changing the smoking ban law to allow adults the freedom of choice:|mostcom

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - Bar patrons will soon be able to enjoy a cigarette with their meal while eating out in Nevada.

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval signed a measure Friday allowing food service in adults-only bars and taverns.

The law also allows smoking and eating within family restaurants if the smoking area is physically enclosed.

Previous changes made to reverse Nevada's smoking ban law:

It's a stubborn and ignorant governing body who cannot admit they made a mistake and refuse to make changes to economy damaging (Nicoderm funded) legislation.....Nevada lawmakers do not fall into that category.

Update 2012: How has Vegas reacted since reversing smoking ban?

Nevada's jobless rate is down, to 12.7% as of January, from a high of 14% in October 2010. (The number of Nevadans out of work is hovering at around 175,000.) Taxable sales are up, and hourly wages have have increased slightly. And the big numbers are up, too, when 2011 is compared to the 2010. Visitor volume hit 38.9 million, just shy of 2007's record peak. Average room rates are up almost 11% to $105.11. Room nights occupied are up 5.3%, and gaming revenue is up 3.5%.

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