Monday, June 13, 2011

Addiction treatment facilities like the Betty Ford Clinic admit smoking bans are ineffectual

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Amethyst, compared 147 women admitted before the ban and 214 women treated after.

The center had a 70 percent success rate before the ban. That dropped to 42 percent by the end of the first three months under the ban. After the ban, patients stayed an average of 13 fewer days....

"That's the challenge, and it's juxtaposed against the importance of" getting people to quit, Gregoire said.

"We have studied and studied and studied this to death. We have voted and voted and voted again," said Jann Robinson, director of nursing and patient safety at the Betty Ford Center in California.

Even in a state that has been a front-runner in restricting smoking in this country, Betty Ford officials have yet to ban cigarettes on the grounds.

Reminder, it's corporate Nicoderm, Nicotrol, RWJF interests who promote and fund smoking ban efforts........ever wonder why?

Meanwhile, more here about the pharmaceutical nicotine greed and the damage done:

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