Tuesday, December 28, 2010

St. Paul City council member Dave Thune claims to be concerned about local retail outlet, Macy's, remaining in downtown St. Paul

However, in reality; Minnesota smoking ban activist Dave Thune helped eliminate 430+ local hospitality businesses taking with them approximately 10,000 local jobs......Thune does not have a pro-business / pro-jobs track record.

Sign written on Mike's Bar St. Paul, MN. explains cause of closure.

St. Paul Works Overtime To Keep Macy's Beyond 2012 (link to KSTP story)

In 2001, the city gave Macy's a 6.3-million dollar loan, in exchange, Macy's promised to stay downtown through 2012. City officials tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that the St. Paul Macy's store is making money and that the city will continue to talk with the retail downtown anchor to make sure everything stays that way.

Council member, Dave Thune, represents the downtown district. He told us that the city will be hard pressed to make a similar offer to Macy's, but that it is imperative the city do all it can to make sure Macy's remains a business fixture downtown.

My advice to Macy's.......run. Thune and St. Paul city council members have proven themselves to be anti-business, over-regulatory thugs....let them collapse from within and hopefully voters will wake up next election.

How has Dave Thune's smoking ban law affected St. Paul and surrounding businesses? His behavioral control, arbitrary smoking ban law was the catalyst causing an avalanche of local bar & restaurant closings.....430+ and counting.


Meanwhile, workplace secondhand smoke "hazard" (and subsequesnt smoking bans) are an unjustifiable double standard......welding smoke, regulated by OSHA in the workplace, is just fine.....and legal.

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