Saturday, October 24, 2009

Liberals and "pacifists" (Code Pink) in U.S. have some pretty cozy connections with terrorists and influence over B. Hussein Obama

This article may explain Hussein Obama's apparent about-face when it comes to waging a successful war in Afghanistan.

Jodie Evans (Code Pink co-founder) told the Chronicle she delivered a petition to Obama last night from Afghan ...urging him to not send more troops to Afghanistan
Jodie Evans and Code Pink were in Kabul a few weeks ago where they met with government ministers, warlords, tribal chieftains......
Code Pink has gotten flak for a reported change of heart on the war, which Jodie Evans vehemently denies.
What is undeniable is Jodie Evans’ support for terrorists–and her support for President Obama.
CTA has understood for years that many instances of internal dissent of U.S. military action is in fact covert funding of U.S. organizations by our enemies...staining these pacifist groups (Code Pink) etc. with the blood of our men and women in the military, and putting us all in jeopardy of future terrorist attacks.
In a word...............treason.

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