Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Worldwide press release exposes the fraud behind tobacco control, smoking bans, and nicotine replacement product manufacturers

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“For too long now we’ve been brainwashed by propaganda spewed out by Tobacco Control agencies, funded by the large pharmaceutical companies to push their products,” states chairman Eddie Douthwaite. “The pharmaceutical industry has an enormous stake in the war against the tobacco industry.”

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Johnson & Johnson Inc) has funded numerous anti-smoking organisations with millions of dollars in grants to lobby for the introduction of smoking bans and for those same organisations to promote their Nicotine Replacement Products.

“Smoking bans are just big business to the pharmaceutical companies and another way to make profits, at whatever cost to society,” continues Eddie Douthwaite.

The loss of jobs in the hospitality trade is indisputable as a result of smoking bans and has even been documented by anti-smoking organisations.

Huh.....who'd have thought there was hidden agenda?

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