Wednesday, August 27, 2008

As the Republican convention comes to St. Paul MN delegates will surely note the massive number of hospitality closings due to liberal policies

Those liberal policies enacted by liberal lawmakers yielded the business crippling smoking bans which resulted in 258+ closed bars and restaurants, and approximately 10,000 laid off workers.

CTA sincerely hopes that the typically free market leaning Republican Party takes advantage of the reality (crumbling business climate) imposed by anti-business, socialist, liberal policymakers (a.k.a. Democrats) as a primary reason that no Democrat should be elected to any position of leadership this November 4.

So enjoy your stay here in the Twin Cities, you should be well rested by the time you leave since local Democrats (and a few wayward liberal Republicans) have all but eliminated any nightlife here in Minnesota.

Update: Just ahead of the RNC convention about to start here in Minnesota, St. Paul and Minneapolis police are conducting numerous raids of liberal, Democratic sympathizers a.k.a. "anarchists" who appear armed and ready to conduct violence against convention attendees. Interestingly enough to us at Clearing the Air, one of the most vocal critics of police pre-emptive raids is none other than smoking ban instigator and cheerleader.......St. Paul city council member comrade Dave "anti-business", "anti-free market" Thune.

"I'm really ticked off...the city is perfectly capable of taking care of things," Thune said. "If they had found anything that could have been used to commit a crime they would have arrested somebody."

And it sounds to me Davey boy like that's exactly what the city did.........."take care of things"

Said Thune: "Unless they come up with anthrax or weapons of mass destruction, I think they came up short."

Keep in mind liberal DFL members er, I mean anarchists; Republicans are law abiding, 2nd amendment accessory carrying citizens. It is their right and duty to defend themselves with force if necessary.

BTW, as a card carrying NRA member I extend an open invitation to volunteer my services to St. Paul and Minneapolis police departments during the RNC. Have guns will travel.

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