Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hawaiian freedom fighters call on supporters worldwide to march on World Defiance Day

Press Release. You're invited to our March on the Capitol July 6. Ban the Ban.

...below is our invitation to our lawmaker supporters...big news...just got invited on to mike mcconnell's nationally syndicated radio talk show "Weekend with McConnell" this Saturday...our very first national exposure on radio talk...wish us well as we stand in Defense of Freedom of Choice this Sunday...hope all will join us across the globe in this World Defiance Day...should be a huge event here with all the bikers and gun owners showing up.

Aloha, Dave Crowley.

Please note attached...this press release has just been sent out across the globe to our many constituents from ohio to germany...this will be a precedent setting event...the oahu street bikers united organization will be joining us in full well as a large group of Hawaii gun owners. The joining and uniting of Smoking Ban Opponents, Gun Owners, and Street Bikers into one united front will not only be a first in the history of our great nation, but will set international precedent, and sending a profound message of solidarity in the Defense of Freedom Of Choice across the world. We as a united force will soon become a huge and powerful voting block to indeed be reckoned with across the spots promoting the event are running on KSSK...I will be doing an interview with nationally syndicated talk show host Mike McConnell this saturday on the event. Of course, we will all show up at O'Tool'es for a "light'em up" celebration after the rally...hopefully this time the event will go down without any police interference. You are indeed invited to join us or at least stop by for a few minutes and let everyone know that you too are a defender of freedom of choice. We sincerely thank you for your support of our cause.

Aloha, Kawika Krowley
Jolyn Tenn

Fireworks, tobacco, and guns...............sounds like freedom to us at Clearing the Air.

Hope you all have a happy, safe, and successful holiday weekend.

Let's remember what the 4th of July commemorates, our liberation from tyranny; which started with the shot heard 'round the world.

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