Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New ad campaign seeks to boost lagging Vegas tourism since smoking ban took effect

This AP story describes a new ad campaign underway to boost business on the Las Vegas strip.

Research presented during the authority's monthly meeting showed declines in arrivals and departures at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, decreasing visitor traffic from Southern California and a dip in casino gambling revenue.

Even the Federal Reserve has joined the debate on the potential impact of smoking bans

"Economic effects of smoke-free laws may be difficult to identify and interpret, but analysis suggests that at least some businesses do suffer costs," according to an article published in January by the St. Louis Federal Reserve.

In Nevada, home to the Las Vegas strip and other towns with far more gambling attractions than Colorado, business has suffered. Total revenues for Nevada's casinos fell almost 5 percent in January to $1.064 billion, according to the state's gaming division.

I think the end is near for the self-serving, Nicoderm funded, smoking ban era......if it doesn't bankrupt us all first.

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