Friday, May 16, 2008

Johnson & Johnson's unethical management decision and arrogance meets with defeat in a court of law

Readers will remember that J & J sued the American Red Cross for using the Red Cross logo in its advertising campaign. What bold insolence, to use the Red Cross symbol as an advertising logo.......clearly the A.R.C. needed to be taught a lesson, J & J decided they would be the teacher of that lesson.

This Wall Street Journal headline informs us of the outcome:

American Red Cross Defeats Johnson & Johnson in Trademark Spat

On Wednesday, reports the NYT, Southern District judge Jed Rakoff said the Congressional charter for the Red Cross gave it the right to use the symbol even for business purposes. (Here’s the opinion, via How Appealing.) In his second ruling dismissing part of the case — the first one was in November — Rakoff said that charitable reasons for Red Cross’s business ventures made them all the more reasonable. “The fact that the ultimate purpose of these licensing activities is a ‘charitable purpose’ — i.e. to raise funds that A.R.C., a not-for-profit organization, can utilize for its charitable endeavors — only further emphasizes their legitimacy.”

Now that the legal courts and court of public opinion are clearly rejecting J & J's unethical and arrogant behavior, it's time to expose and defeat the rent seeking nature of their pharmaceutical nicotine marketing plan.......worldwide smoking bans.

Just a heads up Warren Buffet, you might want to dump your stock ownership of J & J now while you can still make a profit. Because answering RICO charges may be J & J / RWJF's next appearance in court. Yes smoking bans help increase Nicoderm and Nicoderm CQ sales and J & J's 1st quarter '08 profits by 40%, but the results of their foundation's (RWJF) rent seeking lobbying efforts is massive business closings and tens of thousands of job losses.

Feedback from the Red Cross can be found here.

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