Sunday, March 02, 2008

Smokers are abandoning high taxed cigarettes for "roll your own" custom blends

Just when the nanny facists think they've established iron fisted control of smokers' behavior, freedom loving people respond with an old fashioned idea.....roll your own.

It's not quite the same as when my grandfather rolled his own cigs, back in the day. Today, the paper is pre-rolled, complete with filter ready to add your favorite tobacco blend......almost makes me wish I still smoked, I can imagine the taste of my old applewood pipe tobacco in a cigarette.....ahh the aroma brings me back. But I digress, more on the story can be found online here:

"..'Roll your own has been one of the success stories of the past years,' said Paul Batchelor, trading manager at Nisaway, the company that supplies produce to all independent stores across Britain. 'Young, urban, fashionable people have started subverting the convention of the old, working-class man to roll his own fags. Partly, I suspect, it's the shock element. Young people enjoy turning the convention on its head, and young women in particular like doing something that was so firmly off-limits to them until very recently...."

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