Saturday, February 16, 2008

Barack Hussein Osama seems to have the mindless masses in a trance

Listen for yourself:

In the words of his enlightened legions (audio link)

For those unfamiliar with the film "Being There" it's the story of a mindless simpleton, Chauncey Gardner, who speaks in vague gardening references; but is seen by others as being an extremely wise and enlightened soothe-sayer.....even though he really is saying nothing about anything because he really is a mindless simpleton.

It's the same phenomenon that causes an "enlightened" art collector to pay $1 million dollars for a $20 plain white canvas because an artist or art dealer convinced him or her that the work was a "sophisticated" piece that "reflects" the times we are living in......and the need for change.

By the way, I don't doubt that Hussein Obama will change things......just last week he voted against U.S. military intelligence officials having the ability to eavesdrop on foreign terrorists.....the change this former muslim will bring to the White House will be a swift surrender of America to muslim terrorists and a new beginning of sharia law.......get fitted for your burkhas now ladies.....change surely is a comin' if you vote for this treasonous presidential candidate.

Thanks to Rush Limbaugh for the story links

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