Friday, February 29, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama's plan to leave the United States defenseless against our enemies

Hear in his own words why this candidate, raised by a muslim father and grandfather, is no friend of the United States.

"....I will cut our missile defense system......I will slow our development of future combat systems....I will not develop nuclear weapons.....I will negotiate with Russia to take our ICBM's off alert...."

One of the most confounding issues to me is the left's insistance that we not develop missile defense.....this is either naive or providing aid and assistance to our enemies. What is it about the word "defense" that is so hard to understand? Missile defense is not a first strike weapon, it is designed to take out the weapons our enemies would use on us. If anything, I would think the pacifist left (Democrats) would want to render all first strike missiles useless. Missile defense does just destroys any attack missiles launched. Arguing and fighting against it is like saying our police force shouldn't have bullet proof vests......what exactly would be the motive? Unless you want the criminal thugs to have a level playing field.

Hussein Obama is a dangerous enemy sympathizer who seeks to ensure that the U.S. will be defenseless in the face of our enemies.

Oh......he'll bring about change alright, if he has his way this presidential candidate will see to it that the United States of America surrenders to any and all terrorist enemies. If the libs in this country thought that George Bush was an unbearable leader......wait til this country, under President Hussein Obama, is handed over to Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

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